Fall Home Maintenance Is Important

Fall Home Maintenance Is Important

The fall season is one of the highest home maintenance months of the year. It seems like there is an endless amount of home and lawn chores that need to be done, and the fall is the perfect time to do them. Making sure that you take care of your lawn and home projects in the fall will help prevent damage that could happen to your home, shrubs, trees and lawn during the winter.

Let’s take a look at some of the top fall home maintenance projects that you can get accomplished this fall season.

 1) Rake the Leaves

 Some hate it and others don’t mind it, but raking the leaves is a must during the fall. If you have a lot of trees around your yard and in your area, fallen leaves can actually harm your lawn. Fallen leaves will block sunlight from your grass and will keep it from growing. They will also soak up any moisture so that your grass becomes dehydrated. This can lead to molds growing on your lawn and dead patches of grass forming. Make sure that you get yourself on a schedule during the fall so that you can regularly clear and rake leaves from your lawn.

 2) Care for Your Shrubs and Trees

 The fall is a great time to make sure that your trees are pruned and trimmed back to prevent dead tree limbs falling in the winter time. If you are unsure if any of your trees limbs are dead or living, you can always hire a tree care specialist or arborist to take a look at your trees. They will be able to assess which ones need to be trimmed and which ones are healthy.

 3) Clear Out Your Gutters

 Clearing out the gutters is something that is really important with all the clutter that gets stuck in them during the fall. Make sure that after the majority of leaves have fallen that you clean out your gutter and downspouts. Leaving leaves and debris in your gutters can cause flooding and pooling on your roof when it rains, which in turn can damage your roof. Keeping clear gutters will help save your roof and give water a way to escape to the ground below.

 4) Insulate Your House

 Fall is a great time to go through and seal the cracks in your home. You can waste a lot of energy during the fall and the winter when you are running your heat if your house isn’t well insulated. Warm air can easily escape through small cracks in your windows and doors. Go to a home improvement store to pick up some insulation materials to make sure that your house is insulated for the fall and winter.

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