How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen

One of the obstacles to building an outdoor kitchen in your backyard is the overall cost involved. It can become overwhelming when y03ou think about everything you need to think through:

  • correctly installing plumbing and electrical
  • using appliances that are of superior quality
  • selecting materials that are resistant to rain and other weather considerations

The good news is that it’s possible to create your outdoor kitchen area in a way that’s affordable and “on budget”.

How to help keep costs down

Your first option is to think about selecting salvaged materials. Using recycled brick or stone and/or reclaimed wood helps lower your costs. You might want to also think about using a grill island that comes pre-made. This can help you avoid the more costly options, such as concrete countertops.

Helpful tips

Plan for storage space in your outdoor kitchen if your new grilling and entertainment area will be positioned far away from your indoor kitchen. The last thing you want to do is travel back and forth frequently between the two areas. Building in storage space for all the tools and utensils you’ll use will ensure your new kitchen area is an enjoyable experience.

Plan for adequate counter space. Sometimes folks get excited about installing their sinks and grills without spacing them far enough apart. Failure to space everything apart so that you have enough counter space will cause frustration in terms of the usability of your outdoor kitchen.

Common mistakes to avoid

Use vent panels so your outdoor kitchen is ventilated correctly. Failure to do so could possibly lead to an explosion when you close your grill lid. This is not an area to play around with. Hire a licensed contractor to make sure your ventilation is installed properly. This is not the time to try and save money by doing it yourself.

Your appliances must be rated for outdoor use. Using appliances meant only for indoor use will invalidate any warranties, cause your appliances to stop working prematurely or cause them to become discolored.

Don’t make any cuts until you’ve measured your dimensions precisely. This is a mistake made often by folks without the proper outdoor kitchen installation experience. It’s common to see islands, for example, get stuck when improper measurements keeping them from sliding perfectly into place.

This should be obvious, but some people make the mistake of using materials that are combustible. Avoid this at all costs.

Building an outdoor kitchen will result in a fun, enjoyable entertainment center for your family and friends. Do you need visual ideas to help your planning? Take a look at these ideas on Pinterest.

If you’re confident you have the skills necessary to bring it all together, go for it. If not, you’ll save money and frustration in the long run by hiring a qualified, local contractor.

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