Kitchen Remodel MarinThinking about remodeling your kitchen, but concerned because of how daunting it seems? Whether you’re a master chef, a cooking hobbyist, or simply want to have a great space to entertain guests, Gold Hammer Construction is the superior remodeling choice for you and your needs.

The kitchen is typically the most utilized room of the home, so it only makes sense to combine just the right mix of style and functionality in order to make it comfortable, practical, and aesthetic. And our Diamond Certified status means we’ve proven ourselves to be dedicated to satisfying clients through attentive service, quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and non-intrusive construction processes.

kitchen remodel san rafael, caHow Obtrusive is the Kitchen Remodel Process?

Our crews arrive to each job site every day in our white company utility trucks, wearing company shirts so you can’t miss them. All crew members have a great attitude, take pride in their work, and always show up with a smile, because at Gold Hammer Construction we want our work, our customer service, and our craftsmanship to stand out, not our mess.

In order to keep the remodel process as unobtrusive as possible, we will:

Step 1:  Meeting the Contractor

Helping each customer personalize the remodel to their satisfaction is one of our main goals. So when meeting with the homeowner for the first time, we ask simple questions that allow us to remodel the kitchen so that it best accommodates your lifestyle and needs and best utilizes the kitchen space. Typical questions include:

And don’t worry if you lack ideas on where to start or are torn between what changes to make. We’re able to assist customers with design concepts and options for an entire remodeling job, or we can address particular aspects of a remodel, such as the layout and design of the lighting or the numerous types of kitchen cabinets.

Once we determine the best use of the space, we then discuss lighting, windows, and any structural changes such as removing a wall to expand the kitchen space or adding a half wall for a bar top. After this information is collected, we provide you with an accurate, detailed construction estimate.

Step 2: Estimates

As the homeowner, it’s always best to ask for a detailed bid outlining what work will be performed and what costs are associated with it. Our estimates consist of a written step-by-step description of the work to be performed and include the different stages of each project as it progresses.

One of the many benefits of a detailed bid is peace of mind for the customer. A visual breakdown of the labor, materials, and even service trades helps to eliminate any guesswork and allows you to see exactly where your labor and construction expenses are going.

Step 3: Getting Started

Once the contract is agreed upon, a start date is determined and the necessary permits are pulled. Our crews prefer to have all new appliances onsite by the start date, and we provide the homeowner with a shopping list of items to have ready for us. Kitchen cabinets typically take four to six weeks to arrive, so it is best to get started on picking them out right away.

Ready to make your dream kitchen a reality? Contact Gold Hammer Construction today to schedule a walk through of your needs.