Marin County Named One of Best Counties for Work; How Does it Affect Construction?

A consumer finance website analyzed 1,800 counties in the US and ranked Marin County as the seventh best county to work in, and the only county from California to break the top ten. The study was based on a combination of factors including low unemployment rate, high salaries, and industrial growth. While many areas of California are mired in issues, such as city bankruptcies and stagnant industries, Marin County seems to only be showing improvement. As a result, the market for construction remains strong. Here are a few reasons why, based on this study, you might consider undertaking a construction project in Marin County.

Rent is higher than buying, or even building in some cases
With the current market, rentals are actually extremely competitive and expensive, as the area is actually experiencing industrial growth that means more workers taking short term or rental housing. However, for individuals who live in Marin or who are moving to Marin for longer than a few years, buying may be much more cost effective with the current price of rent, though buyers should always consider the current property tax rates in Marin County.

Marin is a mixture of homes
Marin County may have some stunning works of architectural art, but our clients run the gamut from those who want a full five-bedroom experience, to those who would rather spend the focus on land itself. For those who find that their money would be better spend on land, there’s the tiny house movement. These small dwellings can still be works of architecture that can grace the pages of Marin Home Magazine, and owners get a dwelling that fits easily into more natural parcels of land while maintaining sweeping coastal or forest views. As the study discovered, Marin County has a large amount of industry and good salaries. This means a mixture of people who want different things from their homes, and construction professionals in Marin County have the experience to create exactly what you want.

Marin County is a trend-setter
If you want to take advantage of an industry that is rapidly moving toward green building then it would be difficult to find a better place than Marin County. The same study that finds Marin County one of the best places to work named the Venture Greenhouse Initiative at Dominican University, which encourages green businesses as a contributing factor to the city’s growth. Marin County incentivizes and works with your construction professionals to encourage green construction as much as possible, creating new homes that are in touch with the stunning natural landscape of the California coast.

For those just arriving in Marin County, renting might be an option while discovering favorite neighborhoods and getting one’s bearings. Soon, however, it’s likely you’ll find yourself itching for a home in Marin.

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