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Holiday Decoration During Construction

We’re blessed to live in an area that doesn’t really “suffer” from a traditional winter. We don’t have to deal with frozen, occasionally exploding pipes like individuals who live in Maine or the upper elevations of New Hampshire, and we get to see the sun every day in December, unlike Americans living in Alaska. Truly, it’s a good holiday season here in Marin. However, if you’re in the middle of a luxury construction project, it can be a bit frustrating. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or another holiday with special meaning to your family, you have honored traditions and beloved decorations that only get to come out once a year. Unfortunately, some construction projects are simply so big that they last well through a holiday season. That doesn’t mean that your entire home needs to be a patchwork of drop cloths and tile samples when you have relatives flying in to enjoy a Marin holiday from less hospitable climates. Here are a few ways to mesh your luxury construction with your holiday decorations.

Start talking to your contractor and construction team now
It may take some planning, but everyone understands how important traditions are. Do not simply assume that a project will be done or an area of the house will be cleared by a certain date, such as Christmas. Many horror stories start with individuals stating that they were promised things would be completed by a certain date so they made plans, which were then ruined. While it is your contractor’s responsibility to stick to promised deadlines, you can rewrite part of that script by planning for all eventualities. Unfortunately, sometimes suppliers will back out. Sometimes an entire shipment of tile will arrive broken. From Italy. We’ve seen it happen. Write down a list of dates, such as the date of your Christmas tree delivery, and the date when you will hang Christmas lights. This is an excellent six-week planner that can be adjusted to your schedule. Your contractor can make sure to have the way paved for your stress-free decorating around construction.

Decorate around the project
If a bathroom can’t be completed by the holidays, work around it. If you need to have some functionality due to guests, ask what shape the project can be in by the holidays and have the contractor start work now. If the project is in the very middle stages and simply can’t be used by guests, it should be a great opportunity for creativity instead of stress. Hang a Santa’s workshop sign or some other sign indicating that secret holiday magic is happening inside as well as other ribbons, evergreens and decorations.

With some planning and the help of your construction team, you can easily make your holiday decorations and luxury construction project fit together seamlessly.

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