Sonoma County Outdoor Shed

De-clutter Your Garage with an Outdoor Shed

With lawn mowers, weed-eaters, shovels, rakes, drills, bicycles, saws, sports equipment, and weights, it’s easy to have a cluttered garage with no room to walk and not enough time to find what you need. Fortunately, you can easily put up a shed in your backyard to help organize and relocate some items, but there are so many options to pick and it may not be easy to decide which one will work for you. Firstly, you should check your local building codes (Sonoma County building code website) to determine where you can put a shed and how big it can be, among other considerations.

What Size Shed?

You should determine just how much storage you need before you continue. There are small sheds that look like closets, some that look like a small bathroom, bigger ones with enough room to walk around in, and even larger ones where you can comfortably store a couple of golf carts and a dirt bikes. With sizes such as: 5’x2’, 5’x6’, 7’x7’, 8’x10’, 10’x10’, 12’x10’, 10’x16’, 12’x16’, and any size in between.

What Material?

Next you need to choose a material. Fabric/canvas sheds are the cheapest, fastest, and easiest to assemble, but they aren’t very durable, and they don’t look nice. Metal is the next cheapest while being much more durable and almost as easy to assemble. While plastic is the best all-around. It’s affordable, durable, generally good-looking, and easy to assemble. While wood is more expensive, it’s also more durable and best looking, but it’s usually difficult to assemble. (Though there are prefab options that make this much cheaper if you’re willing to do a little more work yourself.)

What Foundation?

While you probably won’t want or need to paint a canvas, plastic, or metal shed, you’ll most likely want to paint a wood shed, so keep that in mind when making your decision. Your material choice will determine the foundation it requires. Canvas can be built on flat ground; metal on concrete or plywood; while plastic and wood need a concrete slab or timber frame.

What Else?

More decisions that need to be made are whether you want windows on your shed, if you want a standard door or double-doors, and what type of roof. While wood is the most expensive, it will likely be worth it for the extra durability, better appearance, and the ease of working in it; so, it’s likely your best choice if you plan on using your shed a lot and for a long time. Otherwise, all you need to know about a shed is: what size, what material, what foundation, and what extra features would you like. No matter what, it will make your life more organized.

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