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2015 Cost vs. Value Report: Marin County Remodel

When you consider hiring a general contractor in Marin County to remodel your home, you probably have two questions going through your head.

  1. How much is it going to cost?
  2. How much value will it create?

When it comes to assessing how much homeowners can expect to both pay for home remodel projects and what value they might receive for it when selling depends a lot on the geographical region of the country.

Fortunately, Remodeling Magazine just released their 2015 Cost vs. Value Report for consumers to take a detailed look at the statistics both nationally and regionally.

Discussing the Cost vs. Value Report offers buyers and sellers a great place to start assessing the value their Marin County remodel will provide. You can also reach out to a general contractor in Marin County to help you analyze the report and provide their own insights into the local trends.

Finding Marin County’s Value Sweet Spot

As with anything in real estate, certain updates in the home will provide more value than others. Also different updates provide different value depending on the neighborhood and the quality of the work. If you are seeking to create maximum retail value during your next Marin County remodel, you’ll want to work with recommended general contractors.

Right now in the 2015 Cost vs Value Report, the Pacific region which is home to Marin County shows the most value for home remodeling. The cost-to-value ratio of the region is 74% which is higher than anywhere else in the entire country.

Right now is a great time to add value to your Marin County home with an attic, kitchen or bath remodel.

The Cost vs. Value Report gives you real examples of remodels.

For example, an actual attic bedroom remodel which cost a homeowner in the Marin County area more than $71,000 had a resale value of more than $94,000 offering them an excellent return on their investment.

Another statistic listed in the report shows that a homeowner spent about $69,000 on a major kitchen remodel and added more than $75,000 to the home’s resale value.

As for a bathroom remodel, the Cost vs. Value Report shows that a home owner in the Marin County area spend $22,715 on a bathroom remodel which added more than $27,000 in resale value.

Now is a great time to get the most value out of a remodel in Marin County. To take advantage of this great time to remodel, contact a general contractor today!

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