What to Expect During Your Kitchen Island Removal

What to Expect During Your Kitchen Island Removal

Looking to add new life to your kitchen? Consider removing your kitchen island. This is a common kitchen renovation that changes the whole look, layout and feel of your kitchen.


What to Expect During Your Kitchen Island Removal

Here’s three things to expect when you have your kitchen island removed by a professional home remodeling company.

You Can Do the Demo Yourself — But You Might Not Save Any Money

You may think you’ll save money by knocking out your kitchen island yourself, but you’re probably not considering the hidden costs. The materials and tools you need to successfully demolish a kitchen island include:

  • Crowbars
  • Drills
  • Saws
  • Sledgehammers
  • Heavy-duty tape
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Tarps
  • Garbage bags
  • Waste disposal (dumpsters)

Along with hardware, you need to take precautions that you don’t damage the rest of your kitchen. Some of the preparation involved in removing a kitchen island includes:

  • Getting appliances out of the kitchen.
  • Hanging tarps at the entries and exits of your kitchen to prevent debris from traveling into other rooms of your home.
  • Protecting your windows from getting broken.

For a professional home improvement company, demolition is the cheapest and easiest phase of a renovation. They also know how to properly demo a kitchen island without causing any damage to the rest of your home.

You Need a Set Renovation Budget

If you don’t plan a specific budget for your kitchen island removal and home improvements, you can easily end up over spending.

Figure out exactly what you want to do with your kitchen before the project starts. Get a quote on your projects costs and make sure you have a set budget before renovations begin.

Know How You Want To Use Your New Space

 Since you’re having your kitchen island removal done by a professional, chances are they’ll be the ones completing your kitchen remodeling.

A good home improvement contractor will ask you questions to determine your exact vision for your new kitchen. Be prepared to let them know what you want. Think about things like:

  • Do you want a new kitchen island? If so, should it be smaller or larger than the old one? Should it have any extras, like electrical hookups for an in-counter refrigerator?
  • Where will you eat in your kitchen? Are you replacing your kitchen island with a kitchen table?
  • Where will you prep your food? Do you want to redo your countertops?
  • Are you happy with your kitchen flooring? Since you’ll need to replace the flooring where your island used to be, how do you want your new floors to look?

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