Three Things To Remember When Remodeling Your Kitchen

If there is one thing all change seekers know, it is to always start with a plan. Whether you’re planning a complete remodel or just a comfortable upgrade for your current kitchen, there are three things you should always make a priority: inspiration, approach, and options. In other words, why do you want to make a change; how will you go about achieving the change you seek; and what are the possibilities?

An Inspired Decision

One of the top motivators for deciding on a kitchen remodel is because people experience a change in their family make up. Of course, growing families often need more space, and moving to a different home is not always an option. When the family composition gets smaller, as in the case of children going off to college, empty nesters might want to open their kitchen space to entertain friends more often. Newlyweds might just be looking to upgrade a starter home to increase its resale value. Many people simply want to make their old space more comfortable and functional. Whatever the reason, a well-planned and executed kitchen remodel can be a good investment to make.

Making it Happen

Any good remodel should begin with a budget. Once you have been inspired to refashion your kitchen, solidifying a budget, will require knowing what you want from the beginning. You have likely envisioned how you want your space to look when the work is done. The trick is to remain open minded about what materials, designs, and styles can be used to achieve that look, and then find a happy medium between cost and comfort. You don’t want to skimp on quality and appearance, but let’s face it, you’re not trying to break the bank either. A consultation with a licensed contractor can help you find the right materials for the styles and designs you need.

An Open Mind Means Numerous Options

To quote George Bernard Shaw, “The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act.” Many trends in home remodeling come and go, but some remain constant. You want to arm yourself with as many options as possible, so doing a little research is always a good idea. That way, you will know the latest design trends and find the ones that are most likely to stick around for a while. After all, what’s the point in making an investment that won’t stand up over time? When making design choices, you should consider durability, but it’s also important to ensure that your home’s internal structure is compatible to the changes you are trying to make. For instance, if you want to include pendant lights in your kitchen, then check for a safe access point for the wiring required to hang them before finalizing your plan. Your local Sonoma County contractor will know any building regulations that need to be followed for safe installation.

Trendy Examples for a Lasting Impression

Kitchen islands and pendant lights pair well in an open space. Both are great for improving the attractiveness of the room and adding functionality to it at the same time. Using an island with deep drawers for storage is one way to save space and adding a built-in table around it can make for interesting dining for a group of friends. A built-in sink can make transitioning from dinner to clean up a quick and easy task as well. For a little added conversation, you can consider adding a decorative textured backsplash on the wall facing the island. Try centering the island under the attic, so that your pendants will be a breeze to wire and hang. Changing the power source from a two-pronged switch to a three-pronged number will likely be required for dimming capability. Although any DIYer can find a “how-to” video on YouTube and effectively manage this minor addition, talk to your contractor to ensure a quality install.

Maybe you’re only seeking an upgrade and not a complete remodel. White kitchens are out according to the trends for 2019, but if you’re not quite ready to let go of yours, try a darker shade of white. Choices include: alabaster, bone, cotton, daisy, eggshell, frost, ghost, ivory, pearl, powder, and everyone’s childhood favorite – snow white. Adding a pop of color along wall trim with matching or coordinating décor is also a trendy idea that is easily managed. Blue is a popular color to accent a white kitchen and finding decorative items to line open shelving, or place on your new island, should not be a problem. So, out with the old and in with the blue!

Wrapping it Up in Your Own Style

Whether your plan is to tear down the walls and start anew or to simply add a modern flavor to your currently classic look, your kitchen remodel can go off without a hitch if you start with a solid roadmap of where you’re trying to go. Know how you’re going to get there by creating a sensible budget and sticking to it. Finally, understand the options that are available to you. It’s okay to follow the trends, but only you know what you like. Where your comfort and costs are concerned, to thine own self be true. 

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