Space Saving Kitchen Solutions to Consider For Your Next Remodel

Space Saving Kitchen Solutions to Consider For Your Next Remodel

It doesn’t matter what size your kitchen is, storage is always at a premium. You also don’t want to have lots of stuff on your counter-tops. Both of these issues becomes critical for small kitchens.There are solutions. Slide out cutting boards, appliance lifts and trash can pull out drawers are all great ways to utilize every available inch of storage and get clutter-y kitchen stuff out of sight. Max out the space in your kitchen without sacrificing function or style.

Space Saving Kitchen Solutions to Consider For Your Next Remodel

Appliance Lift

Your Kitchenaid mixer is a beautiful machine, but it is also bulky, heavy and takes up a lot of space on the counter. If you don’t want to keep it on the counter, your choices are to keep it inside a cabinet and heave it every time you need to use it or installing a mixer lift. A heavy duty mixer lift is the perfect solution, offering you the use of your appliance and counter space without hurting your back.

Narrow Pull Out Cabinet Drawers

If you have a narrow space by the stove, putting a narrow pull-out drawer there is a great way to utilize the space. Install a pull out drawer with an organizer and store your spices, cooking oils and even kitchen utensils out of the way. Less clutter on the counter and easy access to everyday cooking essentials!

Pull Out Cutting Board

A pull out cutting board adds extra workspace to the kitchen. The cutting board is hidden out of sight when not in use and actually adds more usable counter space when you extend it.

Pull Out Trash Can

Who wants to see the garbage can in your beautifully remodeled kitchen? It’s better to hide your trash can in a drawer. This drawer will have room for two trash cans, one for recycling and one for regular trash.

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