Space-saving - Awesome Ideas for Custom Shelving in the Kitchen

Space-saving – Awesome Ideas for Custom Shelving in the Kitchen

The kitchen is perhaps the most important room in the house. According to real estate experts, the kitchen is one of the rooms people are most interested in when buying a house. It makes a lot of sense since it represents time spent with family away from the cares and technology of life, and is all about our food. Nothing beats the wafting aroma of a seasoned, home-cooked meal. After a long day at the office, mealtime is a relaxing tonic to the stress of the day. Having a highly functional kitchen will make your task of whipping up those delectable meals easier.

Space-saving custom shelving help make all of this cooking, cleaning, and getting-together both easier and more relaxing. Here are three ways you can get the best out of custom shelving.

Organize those spices

One cooking essential is a variety of spices to create the tastes that wow your taste buds. However, without the proper space for spices, cooking can become cumbersome. Custom shelving with built-in cabinets can house your spices neatly, where everything can be easily grabbed. People even turn a section of cabinet or a whole cabinet into a spice shelf by making shorter, narrower shelves just for spices.  You can also install custom shelving for spices in the door of a pantry or consider drawers next to the stove that have built-in spice racks.

Functional cupboards and drawers

When it comes time to cook, you want to get your items from the cupboard or drawer without a hassle. The same goes for putting away your things during the clean-up process. With all of the creative options for custom shelving, you need not deal with messy cupboards and drawers. You might easily access your pots and pans with pull-out shelves within the cupboard, or find cooking essentials quickly with a rotating cupboard. Custom shelving in the kitchen cupboards and drawers offers many different layouts and designs.

Use your walls wisely

Custom shelving in the kitchen can turn your walls into a functioning unit. If you have a smaller kitchen without a lot of cupboard space, use a wall to store some of your items. Free up your cupboard and drawers by keeping some of your things on shelving systems attached to the wall. These look very attractive when the wood stain matches your kitchen colors.

Discover the delight of cooking in the kitchen with custom shelving. At Gold Hammer Construction, we provide a variety of shelving ideas that will make your kitchen an easy place in which to work.

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