Six Sure Signs of Shoddy Cabinet Installation

Six Sure Signs of Shoddy Cabinet Installation

Were your new kitchen cabinets properly installed? A lot of that depends on who installed them, and you should always select a top notch professional. But if you’re in doubt upon viewing a finished installation, here are six warning signs that something has, indeed, gone wrong.

How They Fit in the Kitchen

If things look a little askew, there’s a good chance that proper measurements were not made. This is often noticed when one side of the cabinets relationship to a near wall does not match up with the other side of the cabinets. It is sometimes possible that the cabinets are aligned to themselves, but cannot align with the existing wall or counter due to imperfections with those factors.

Does the Hardware Match Up?

All of the handles, pulls, and knobs should be of one type and size with no exceptions, unless it was part of the plan you agreed to in the beginning. This includes the fasteners used to join the cabinets to walls.

Doors That Open in the Wrong Direction

Yes, it has happened! This is enough of a miscue to make you call into question every aspect of the installation and cast doubts about the basic competence of the installers.

Inaccurate Ceiling Measurements

This is a sure sign that something is amiss. There should be a certain symmetry when you view the installed cabinets in relation to the ceiling. In the case of high ceilings, this can cause cabinets to be installed that are out of the reach of users in the kitchen. Also high ceilings can make even standard cabinets look small and out of scale.

Someone Forgot the Level

A keen eye is going to notice if the bottom of one set of cabinets adjacent to, say, the refrigerator does not seem to line up with the cabinets on the opposite side. Proper cabinet installation requires accurate leveling. This type of problem is often exacerbated if flooring in the kitchen is not level and this has not been accounted for in the measurements. Any cabinets around a window that don’t seem square or level are going to stick out like a sore thumb because windows draw the viewer’s eye to the cabinets.

What Happened to the Lighting?

Inaccurate measuring and shoddy planning can render lights, both under and above cabinets, all but useless. This is another instance where high ceilings that are not properly factored into the design can create havoc with both existing and newly installed lighting fixtures.

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