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Simple and Incredible Backsplash Ideas For the Kitchen

Backsplashes are surfaces added behind a stove or sink to prevent the wall behind it from getting wet because of splashes from liquids. Even when you aren’t using the stove or sink, however, they can play a very important role in your kitchen decor. You see them several times a day, from when you are brewing your cup of coffee in the morning to when you prepare to make dinner in the evening.

A backsplash can make or break the appearance of your kitchen. You don’t want a one that is too loud, or else you will grow out of it fairly quickly. On the same side of the coin, you also do not want one that is too bland either. You would like to install a backsplash that is stylish as well as cohesive with other parts of your kitchen.

Simple and Incredible Backsplash Ideas For the Kitchen

Accented backsplash

It is very common for homeowners to use white in the kitchen for a timeless look that never fails to impress. Often, there is an additional color that you would use throughout a white kitchen to add a small amount of flavor to it, whether it is pink, lime green, or baby blue. Adding a colored backsplash to your white kitchen will create interest.

Neutral backsplash

Neutral colors, for those who are not aware, are colors that go great with any other color on the spectrum. They consist of white, black, grey, blue, brown and tan. With one or more neutral colors for your backsplash, the possibilities are endless. Since your cabinets and walls are likely neutral colored already, you can pick a nice black or blue to create a unique atmosphere in the kitchen. Using most of these neutral colors for the kitchen would create a great nautical theme.

Stainless steel backsplash

For a modern or minimalistic style, you can choose to create a stainless backsplash for a kitchen that always feels clean and organized. If you have cabinets and other parts of your kitchen made of natural wood, a steel backsplash will easily transform it into a completely new style that any homeowner will covet. One benefit to choosing steel is that it will not include grout lines that will collect dirt and other contaminants.

Discuss ideas you have about a new backsplash with your remodeling contractor to help you get what you most need and want.



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