Remodeling For A More Efficient Kitchen

Remodeling For A More Efficient Kitchen

You’re finally remodeling your kitchen, and you want it to be your dream space with everything you’ve ever wanted to have, right? That is certainly a great goal to have, but while you’re looking at all those gorgeous granites and beautiful backsplashes, take a moment to factor in a design that will make your kitchen the most efficient space possible.

Here are a few tips for how to do that.

The Triangle

You’ve probably heard of the kitchen action triangle. When you draw lines from your stovetop to your sink to your refrigerator, those lines should form a triangle. The goal is for the cook to stay in that triangle when performing all necessary tasks. Locate pots and pans there to make it very efficient.

Maximize storage

Plan for the biggest and deepest refrigerator you can get, and maximize your cabinet and pantry space. Create deep shelves in your new pantry and deep cabinets with pull out drawers. Incorporate open storage into your design. There are likely things you can store in open containers and jars. This looks great, saves space and minimizes your prep and cooking time because things are out in the open to see and use.


Make sure your cabinet footprint maximizes space rather than taking it away. Also, you might have to think outside the box to make room for cabinets. Think about moving windows or doors, and get wall cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling. Do you have unused corners? Think about a corner cabinet. If you have an entire kitchen wall that is unused, think about dedicating it for floor-to-ceiling storage. Consider trash bins and pantry drawers that have pull-out features. Sometimes, there is a bit of unused space on one or both sides of the refrigerator. If it makes sense, do a pull-out pantry there to store spices and other dry good items.


Get powerful appliances, but make sure they are as small as possible. This will make your kitchen the most efficient, saving space while working hard.

Sink In

Did you know that selecting a single-bowl rather than a double-bowl sink can save a foot or more of countertop space? It may not seem like much, but a foot can really make a difference in your remodel.

Wall Mount

If your kitchen plan involves a slender blank wall, you’re probably thinking of hanging wall art. Think again. How about wall mounted storage of knives or pots and pans? Some homeowners paint this wall black to set it apart as a feature wall and to also hid scuff marks. It looks great!

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