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Pick The Right Lighting When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Lights are extremely important in our lives. Without them, doing even the simplest of tasks would be nearly impossible – especially in the kitchen!

Practicality aside, though, lighting is extremely important for the appearance of our homes. The temperature of the lighting can dictate the atmosphere for the entire room, and your lighting fixtures can be an eye-grabbing statement piece. Surprisingly, though, when people are remodeling and decorating their kitchens, lighting is something they neglect.

Picking the right light can be difficult at first. With such a wide variety of temperatures, colors, and styles, it’s understandable. To make it easier, though, here’s a guide to picking the right lighting for your kitchen.

Choose Your Atmosphere

First and foremost, you need to decide the type of mood you want in your kitchen design. Depending on what your main use for your kitchen is, as well as if you want to follow the trends, this can look different for everyone.

As of right now, one of the top trends for kitchens is a dark, earthy aesthetic. You can achieve this by using lights on the warmer end of the spectrum. This atmosphere is also good if your kitchen is mainly a social area.

If you use your kitchen strictly for cooking, you may want a brighter, cooler light. This will allow your kitchen to maintain a clean, professional look.

Consider Your Light Fixtures

Just because you have to have lights in your kitchen doesn’t mean they have to clash with your kitchen. If you have low ceilings, you’ll want a smaller, flatter light fixture, and if you have higher ceilings, a chandelier or pendant light may work best for you.

This also depends on the number of lights in your kitchen. If you have a large number of lights in your kitchen. If you have multiple lights, you’ll want to stick to simpler fixtures. If you have only one light, this is a great opportunity for a statement piece.

What Are Your Lighting Needs?

If you use your lights in the kitchen often, you may want to consider switching to eco-friendly lights. This is more costly at the register, but you’ll appreciate the savings later on. Eco-friendly light bulbs can help reduce your carbon footprint and your power bill. Not too mention, they last much longer than regular light bulbs.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking into remodeling the lighting within your kitchen, be sure to give our experts a call right here at Gold Hammer Construction. Our team of experts are ready to help you with your design needs and will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. Call us today!

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