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Is An Open Concept Kitchen For You?

An open-concept kitchen opens up more possibilities for the use of your kitchen. It provides additional space, easier traffic flow, and a great area for gathering and socializing. While the idea of an open-concept isn’t for everybody (it’s true!), there is no doubting the popularity of open kitchens, making this design far more than just a passing fad. In this article, we are reviewing open-concept kitchens, including why some individuals love them, and why some could do without.

What Does “Open-Concept” Entail?

When we say open-concept, this refers to the lack of barriers. Unlike traditional homes where the layout consists of walls and barriers between each room, in an open-concept kitchen, there are fewer walls surrounding the area which allows for a collective space that includes the kitchen, dining room and sometimes the living room as well. In other words, we aren’t necessarily discussing a large kitchen, but one without barriers to other rooms in the home.

The Benefits Of An Open Kitchen

We listed three benefits above, so let’s look at these reasons and others in more detail.

First up, the space. An open-concept design allows the kitchen to both seem and appear larger. The lack of walls blocking your line of sight makes the entire area feel more accessible. When it comes to smaller spaces, an open-concept design is a perfect solution for optimizing space.

Second, easier traffic flow. When you’re entertaining guests, an open-concept kitchen offers an additional area to mingle while still maintaining enough space for the chef to work and serve snacks. With no walls to bump into or squeeze around, guests will have an easier time maneuvering through the kitchen and have a higher probability of enjoying themselves.

Third, gathering and socializing. Whether you have a large family or like to entertain guests, this barrier-free option simply invites everyone to come together. With enough space to prep food, do homework and play games, it’s no wonder an open-concept design has risen in popularity!

The fourth reason that was not listed above, is the opportunity for natural lighting. With the removal of walls and barriers that would typically block light from the windows of other rooms, the opportunity for natural lighting to flow into the kitchen can brighten it up.

The fifth and final benefit we will cover in this article is the addition of home value. Given the popularity of open-concept kitchens, the value of your home will significantly increase if you plan to sell.

Why Some Don’t Prefer An Open-Concept Kitchen

While there are five fantastic reasons listed above for an open-concept kitchen, there are a few reasons why some just simply don’t want this type of design.

First, noise travels better. Without barriers and walls to break up the sound, you can fully expect noise to permeate not only the kitchen but other rooms of the home as well. Since open-concept kitchens attract people to gather, the sounds from multiple conversations and activities will only be amplified. One solution for this is the implementation of sliding walls or doors to close off a section to help keep the noise level down in the rest of the home.

Second, any messes will be easily seen and on display. For those who keep a clean kitchen, this isn’t actually a point of concern. But for others, any type of clutter or dirty dishes being made apparent all hours of the day can be a bit of a turn off from this design option. However, as mentioned above, the addition of sliding walls or doors can help block this from view.

Third, there are some sacrifices to make when it comes to storage. With an open-concept kitchen, you’re basically removing at least one area for additional storage space options. Depending on the layout of your kitchen, that wall could have the potential to hold cabinets or cupboards. The solution to this particular issue? An island with under-counter storage coupled with a pot and pan rack above.

Final Thoughts

With the evolution of design options, there are always those who strive to improve and remove the drawbacks we may face. As listed above, the cons that go with an open-concept kitchen design have solutions available. So, if you’re in the Santa Rosa, CA area and are interested in exploring the option of an open-concept kitchen, give us a call right here at Gold Hammer Construction, where we will work with you every step of the way.

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