Windsor CA Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel Windsor, CA | Project Overview

This kitchen remodel project in Windsor, California took a good kitchen to a dream kitchen for this couple.

The owners of this Windsor home enjoy sharing good food and wine with friends. While the basic layout of the kitchen was functional, they wanted to accomplish two key goals during the remodel.

One, upgrade the quality of amenities as this is the last home the couple plans on living in.

Two, open up the kitchen for increased visibility and access to the living room.

To address the first goal, all of the appliances were replaced and upgraded. Check out the size of this stove and stainless-steel hood vent. Imagine the dinner party this couple can host with a number of burners and counter space they have to work with.

Besides the appliances, all the materials used in the kitchen, from flooring to countertops and backsplash have been upgraded to high-end materials reserved for the finest kitchens.

One of the unique finishing touches the client asked for was flush inserted doors and drawers. Look closely at the antique glaze finished cabinet doors and you’ll notice that they do not lay over the face of the cabinets like typical doors. Instead, the client wanted all the cabinet doors and drawers to be flush mounted. The level of cabinetry, design and precision required to build, install and adjust each door and drawer to ensure a clean square fitment is quite high. While this process does require more time to install, the final look is impressive.

Achieving the second goal of opening up the kitchen to both the family and living room originally started with removing an arch in the wall section on one end. And, expanding the width of the doorway at the other end of the kitchen. Enlarging the doorway was quite simple, making the home feel larger and the kitchen more inviting to guests.

Removing the arch and wall leading into the living room, presented a structural challenge. And, in the end it was decided that it wasn’t financially viable since the wall in question is a shear wall. Required by building code, a shear wall adds strength and rigidity to the house in the event of an earthquake. The solution was to remove the arch and as much of the wall possible. Expanding the opening into the living room and providing room for a built-in wine cooler.

The couple of this Windsor California home now have the kitchen of their dreams with the right appliances, plenty of prep space, open sightlines to the living room. They’ll have many years of enjoyment in this beautifully designed kitchen with both friends and family.

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