Kitchen Remodel in Tiburon, CA

Hi, welcome to our latest kitchen remodel makeover. We’re in Tiburon, California in beautiful Marin County, and we’re in a client’s house that has a kitchen that we believe was originally built back in the 1960s. Looking at the Formica countertops and the cabinets that don’t go all the way up to the ceiling, and this beautiful linoleum flooring, we’re pretty sure that’s the case. The client here is looking for two things, one, they want to renovate the kitchen and bring it up to date with some granite countertops, brand new cabinets that are going to go all the way up to the ceiling with some crown molding. We’re also going to incorporate some new appliances over here. We have this beautiful convection oven that actually has a swing out door. I can’t tell you the last time I’ve seen an oven with a swing out door. Additionally, the hood is very, very low for cooking.

The biggest thing that were missing from this house is the view. Behind these doors is a great view of San Francisco and the bay. Unfortunately with the way this house was originally built, you can’t see it. We’re looking at two different options, we’re not sure which way are we’re going right now, but option one is simply knock this wall out at the cabinets on both the left and the right-hand side, and that will simply open the view out to the bay. Additionally, right behind this wall and door is our dining room, so we want to have easy open access to the dining room. Now option number two is if we push these kitchen cabinets back a little bit, we can actually remove the wall down about three feet on this side and probably four or five feet on this side, really creating a nice, open view of the bay.

Here’s that beautiful view of the San Francisco Bay I was talking about. By opening that wall from the kitchen leading out to the dining room, this is what we’re gonna be able to see. Absolutely gorgeous and stunning; you can’t get better views in Tiburon than where we’re at today. And behind me is that wall that we talked about that leads into the kitchen; this is the wall that we’re gonna knock out. The other wall that the client is looking to remove is going to be this wall right here that separates the dining room from the living room. By taking this all the way down, it’s really going to open this space up and make it look much, much larger. We’re really looking forward to coming back in three to five weeks, when we can show you the final result.

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