Kitchen Remodel Petaluma | Pre Demolition

Hi, Ryan Perry here on behalf of, Gold Hammer Construction. We’re in this beautiful kitchen in Petaluma, California. However, the property owners are having one big problem with it. Both her and her husband are big cooks and they find that a lot of their time is spent here in this corner. They have all of this space and they want to be able to use it a lot better. Let’s start over here by the kitchen sink. This is one of the few items that’s actually going to remain in place. However, the window back here, they’re going to pull down all the way to counter level. It’s a relatively new design. It’s going to give them a little bit extra room and it’s going to be a very nice, unique feature.

As we work our way down, the dishwasher will be replaced. However it will be left in the same position. The stove-top is going to be moved directly behind me on to this counter-top. And to give them more prep-space, both the refrigerator and the ovens are going to be pushed off on to another wall. This counter-top is going to extend along with the cabinets all the way down to this wall. Since we’re losing both the refrigerator and the two ovens to more counter space and cabinet, they’re going to have to be relocated and this pantry is a great location for the new refrigerator. The new refrigerator’s actually going to look very similar from the outside as it’s going to have panel doors on the outside. And then the two ovens are going to be placed one here, and one over here. The cabinets here are going to be reconfigured to accommodate the two ovens. And then the counter-top is going to work its way all the way down to the wall.

I’m standing behind a very functional island, that we’ll be keeping here. However, the property owners have asked for a little bit more functionality. So what’s going to happen? We’re going to push it in towards the dining room just a little bit to give a little bit more space between the back counter and the island. And additionally, we’re going to add a 48″ tall Bar Back.

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