Novato Kitchen Remodel Project

Kitchen Remodel Novato, CA | Project Review

This kitchen remodel project was performed in Novato, California. The couple who owns this home loves to cook and entertain for friends. While their pre-remodel kitchen was functional, they felt it had a track home feel and wanted a kitchen to match their personal taste.

With the home being a little over 10 years old, it was time to remodel the kitchen to their taste. While the basic layout of the kitchen remains, there are a couple of notable changes from the old design.

First two tall cabinets were placed to the left of the refrigerator and a larger space was created for the installation of a larger refrigerator. The original kitchen cabinets did not extend all the way to the ceiling, while the new cabinets do.

To connect the living room with the adjoining kitchen. The crown molding from the living room was matched and wraps around the cabinets. To keep the lines flowing, a valance was added over the sink and set back to break up the sightline.

Since the client enjoys hosting dinner parties, the island was enlarge providing more space to set down to drink while talking with those around you.

This kitchen has four different light options to create just the right mood for the evening. There are lights in the glass cabinet doors, under lighting throughout, pendant lighting above the island and recessed lighting in the ceiling. All on dimmer switches allowing the home owners to create the right amount of ambience for any occasion.

To brighten up the kitchen. Out went the old brown cabinets and the new cabinets were painted white to match the color of the island. To further lighten up and enlarge the look of the kitchen, the countertop was replaced with a neutral gray Quartz the dark backsplash replaced with a lighter tan color and the island with a light granite top.

While many of the changes in this kitchen redesign are minor. Collectively, they have updated this Novato’s home, giving it a comfortable modern look and feel that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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