5 Kitchen Remodel Must Haves for Cooks

As you consider remodeling your kitchen and what your dream kitchen looks like, be sure to think about the practicality of your kitchen in addition to the aesthetics. For some people, kitchens truly are more for the look than the actual functionality. If you love to cook, however, you need to think about what features are must haves in your kitchen and incorporate them into your remodel designs.

The following are some must haves to think about if you love to cook:

1. Gas Range with Hood: Most people who love to cook prefer a gas range. If you are remodeling an older home or one with an electric stove, installation of gas lines may be a good addition to your plans. Gas ranges come in a variety of models and can become extremely high end. In addition to the practical nature of a gas range, they also can become the focal point of your design.

2. Chopping Block: A feature often incorporated into islands, having a chopping block, also known as butcher blocks, can make cooking in your kitchen easier and more enjoyable. Instead of lugging out cutting boards for everyday chopping of produce, a butcher block counter top can make slicing a dicing a breeze. Don’t like the look of an exposed chopping block? They can also be hidden within your cabinets and slide out when you’re ready to use them.

3. Deep Sink: If you love to cook, odds are you use a variety of pan sizes and are often utilizing the sink. You do not want to be in the situation where your favorite stock pot doesn’t fit into your kitchen sink! Be sure to get a large and deep sink if you love to cook. Large sinks are made in all types of finishes that will fit the overall design of your kitchen.

4. Lighting: Cooking is difficult in the dark! Whether you are trying to read a complicated recipe or see the lines on your measuring cup, good lightning is essential if you are always in the kitchen. Lightning under the cabinets is a great feature that can light up your preparation space and allow you greater visibility. Adding more windows to your kitchen is another option you can discuss with your contractor that can provide great natural light.

5. Counter Space: If you are remodeling and love to cook, another must have is counter space. Whether that means maximizing your space by extending your countertops out, adding an island, or redesigning your existing space, countertops are a must! You need to be able to fit all of your cooking ingredients, pots and pans, recipe books, etc. Also, gadgets such as your stand mixer, coffeepot, etc. take up valuable real estate on your counters.

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