Kitchen Remodel Greenbrae, CA | Pre Demolition

Hi, Ryan Perry here, in pre-demolition mode for Gold Hammer Construction, for a kitchen remodel in Greenbrae, California.

First thing I want to talk about is this peninsula. We have a great peninsula here, but to add some additional room for an island, we’re actually gonna push the peninsula down about three to four feet, and again, that’s gonna give great room in the kitchen for an island. Now over here by the kitchen sink, the window behind me is going to be removed and replaced with a straight, conventional window. The lighting above the peninsula is going to be replaced with a couple of pendant lighting to give the kitchen a fresher, modern look. During the demolition, all the cabinets and appliances are going to be removed, and replaced with new. On the appliance side, it’s gonna be all stainless steel.

Now, let’s talk about these floors. Now the floors, actually going to keep, and I don’t know if you can look, but right over here as you see the transition from the kitchen into the dinning room, you’ll see that the color of the floor has actually changed. The homeowner’s daughter actually came up with the idea of re-staining the current flooring to save money on this remodel. Above you’ll notice that the lighting is a little old and outdated; it’s going to be completely removed and replaced with new LED in-ceiling lighting.

To give the homeowner additional prep space on this side of the kitchen, they asked that the countertop stove actually be moved to the other side of the kitchen, which is going to require a little bit of gas line moving, but not a problem. In order to give the client additional prep space, not only are we going to get rid of the countertop stove and put it on the other side of the kitchen, but we’re actually going to pull the peninsula down this way, bringing it almost to the light switch. We’re looking forward to seeing you in about eight to 10 weeks when this kitchen remodel will be completely done. We can show you what old to new looks like. Take care everybody.

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