Kitchen Layouts For Your Remodel

Kitchen Layouts For Your Remodel

Before or you can start your kitchen remodel you need to decide on what layout offers the best options for you, space, convenience, storage, etc..

Kitchen Layouts For Your Remodel

There are five fundamental styles of kitchen layouts that we find in most homes, the single, galley, U, L, and G. We will go over each of them briefly to help you determine which one will make your remodel most rewarding.


The single or one wall kitchen layout is the most common kitchen design. In this layout all of the homes appliances and countertops are located against one wall. Ofen the sink is positioned in the center of this layout and the oven and refrigerator are on the ends, alternatively they are occasionally placed side by side. This layout is best for saving space to give to other rooms.


Galley layouts make one of the most efficient kitchen options as they are modeled similarly to restaurant kitchens. The galley kitchen runs along two walls with appliances on one side and the other side provides ample counter top space. Galleys are efficient cooking spaces but have the down side of that they are not designed for socialization without removing a portion of the wall to open the galley to rest of the home.Galley kitchens are great for combining efficiency and storage for those who aren’t planning to have gatherings in the kitchen.


U-shaped kitchens are a very functional choice of kitchen layout. The versatility of U shaped kitchen is hard to beat. This design offers plenty of work counterspace as well as plenty of storage for your kitchen area. U-shaped Kitchens in larger homes can be easily set up with several workstations for food prep and cooking, allowing more than one person comfortably into the kitchen area. Provides storage and socialization for smaller or larger homes.


L-shaped layouts provide you with a very well designed continuous work area. Often these layouts are against a wall on one side of the L like a Single layout. The other side of the L faces an adjacent room or open area, allowing for convenient socialization with your friends and family.  The design also provides a good work area often with two potential workstations. This layout provides similar benefits to the U-shaped layout but it is more open, if that suits the overall design you desire.


G-shaped kitchens resemble U-shaped layouts and have essentially the same counter space as U shaped layouts. G shaped kitchen add an additional peninsula providing maximum cabinet space. These layouts sometimes feel cramped but if they are made open to adjoining rooms they offer a wonderful bar appeal. You might want a G-shaped layout in a larger home for a spacious, luxurious cooking and gathering area.

Here are a few more links that further explore these primary kitchen layouts.

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