Four Kitchen Design Trends For 2016

2016 has brought new kitchen trends to Marin County that you can implement into your kitchen to make it better suit your needs and keep the design fresh. Putting a little extra effort in the design of your kitchen will keep you happier with your home, help increase your home’s value, and it will make it more attractive if you decide to put it up on the market.

Smart Spaces
Smart spaces may not sound like something that belong in the kitchen, but this trend is incorporating people’s need to have technology integrated into their lives. You can expect the latest trend to have hidden storage spaces in kitchens that allow you to store and charge your smart devices to be on the rise in 2016. You can also expect that most kitchen appliances are trending towards being smarter, such as steam ovens or refrigerators with built-in television screens. Appliances are now incorporating the latest technology into their ability to be programmed and automated.

Cabinet Lighting
Another hot kitchen trend is installing lighting underneath and inside of cabinets. These long light strips can be installed just about anywhere you’d like extra lighting. No longer do you have to rely on your main overhead kitchen light fixture, but you can add lighting to any surface you may need it. This can be perfect for leaving a small LED light on at night for when you’re coming home late or for you to find your way when getting a midnight snack. It also can enhance the mood of your kitchen, eliminating fluorescent overhead lighting for a more romantic feel. Hidden lighting can also be more attractive.

Open Shelving
Some homeowners are opting for open shelving in place of cabinets hiding their dishes. These open shelves can be great for stacking dishes and bowls, and can also look great with decorative flourishes and accents. They’re also a terrific fit for both vintage and contemporary kitchens, depending on how you create the shelves. This can make the kitchen design look airier and more spacious, but is not for everyone. If you are not going to have time to keep up with decorating, dish placement, and dusting, you may want to look elsewhere for new kitchen design trends. This open shelving concept may also not be the best for families with children.

Customized Kitchen Storage
People generally have many items that need to fit into the kitchen that accumulates over the years and the best way to get organized in the kitchen is with having customized kitchen storage options. Pullout drawers are becoming increasingly popular with people looking to get the most out of their kitchen spaces. People also want spaces that will hide their garbage and recycling bins away or rotating shelves that will give them more storage space without having to dig out everything to find the one thing they need. New storage solutions for pantries, bread, and kitchen devices are also becoming popular.

These are some of the biggest kitchen trends we are seeing so far in 2016. What trends are you excited about adding to your kitchen?

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