How to Make Your Home More Inviting During The Holiday

The holidays are stressful enough – your home needs to be a sanctuary where you can come home and relax. How is this done? How do you make your home more inviting during the holiday without adding more to your plate than you already have?

De-Clutter Your Space

Your first step is to de-clutter your space. Ensure that there is a walkway in every room in your home so that you don’t trip over things. Spring cleaning is just a jump, skip and a hop away – you don’t need to go overboard with this. Simply find a place for your things and make sure that that they find their way there. If you discover that you need to purchase an organizational system, make sure you don’t have 100 different organizational systems for 50 different items. You don’t want to clutter your space with various organizational systems, either.

Don’t Forget Your Guests

If you’re planning on the being a host this year, you need to get your guest spaces ready. Make sure that your sheets are clean, the floor is vacuumed, and all that other good stuff that makes a home feel clean. If you need ideas to make it more inviting, look online for holiday-themed bedrooms. You’re sure to find holiday-themed bedspreads, pillows, and even trinkets for the nightstand that can make your guestroom feel inviting.

Prepare Your Kitchen

During the holidays, your kitchen will probably be one of the most heavily utilized rooms. Cooking can be so much easier if you have the right gadgets and utensils. As a host, you’ll be expected to feed everybody. Plan accordingly and make sure that you don’t just pick out recipes and call it good. Read the recipes ensure that you have everything you need – from the pots, pans and gadgets – to make the dish to perfection.

Add Festive Touches

Adding festive touches doesn’t have to break the bank. You can fill a bowl with pinecones or add a few candles. Scents work with really great around the holidays. A fun and simple holiday-themed project that you can do with your children is by taking an orange and inserting whole cloves throughout the entire piece of fruit. Do something simple like hang string one place to the next, and then hang ornaments from the string. When you spruce up your tree, don’t be bland. Use ornaments that are handmade or are themed – like NASCAR or Harley-Davidson.

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