Discover the Practical Functionality of Built-in Drying Racks

Discover the Practical Functionality of Built-in Drying Racks

When you consider the many options available to you for home improvements, one that may have escaped your notice is a built-in drying rack for your kitchen. If you’re wondering what in the world is a built-in drying rack, you are probably not alone. The concept is simple: Why deal with store-bought drying racks that sit on your countertop — probably causing a fair share of messes — when you can have a more permanent, functional and practical built-in drying rack custom made, specifically for your kitchen and your individual needs.

Discover the Practical Functionality of Built-in Drying Racks

A World of Diversity in Design and Function

Built-in drying racks are a popular current trend in home design and remodeling. The design and materials used in creating this project can run the gamut from fine woods to colorful plastics. In addition to their primary function of allowing washed dishes to dry naturally by air, it is easy to incorporate features like mini-gardens of herbs and small plants. In this instance the rack is constructed so that, as water drains, it is directed to flow to the mini-garden, thereby watering it. Some original creations include the functionality to hold utensils and glasses as well as dishes. Design styles may be anything from vintage to  contemporary, and everything in between.

Going for the Gold With the Finnish and Italian Concept

If you want to really make a statement, and are willing to allow for some serious remodeling in your kitchen, you can discover the sheer brilliance of dish drying cabinets. The concept is simple enough: Why not let dishes dry in the cabinets where they are housed? Sheer brilliance! Although an earlier American version of the dish drying cabinet was patented during the 1930s, it was the Finnish who brought the concept to prominence during the 1940s. In fact, the Finnish Invention Foundation considers the built-in dish drying cabinet the singular most important 20th century Finnish invention.

The Italian versions of built-in drying cabinets are, perhaps, even more well known to Americans by virtue of the amount of travel back and forth between Italy and the United States. Most Italian kitchens have, at the least, a built-in drying rack over the sink. Although it may appear to look like a regular kitchen cabinet, upon opening the cupboard doors, you discover an ingenious and attractive set of drying racks, hidden away, for your dishes.

Just looking through all of the attractive photos of built-in drying racks to be found on the Internet, regardless of how and with what materials they have been constructed, is sure to shift your imagination into full gear. If you wish to take this concept and make it a part of your own kitchen, remember to only entrust this type of project to a remodeling contractor that has the expertise in craftsmanship to turn your vision into a reality — one that will last a lifetime.

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