Breakfast Nook for Any Style

Breakfast Nook for Any Style

Why Breakfast Nook?

Counter bars only have so much space and might work for quick meals for one or two people, but if you have a real kitchen table, you can have a great family meal. It doesn’t have to be large, just the opposite, smaller spaces are great for creating cozy family atmosphere. Dining rooms can be very formal, so instead, build a breakfast nook in the kitchen and enjoy casual family meals.

Breakfast nooks have a sense of permanence, like the feature of the house that’s always been there. Breakfast nooks will always be in style. It doesn’t matter what year your house was built, it will always be a truly timeless feature. Everybody loves built-ins, so think about breakfast nook as just another built-in that will increase the value of your house.

Nook for Any Style

A breakfast nook can work for any style of house. You can use a window seat or an empty corner in the kitchen for the breakfast nook. Do you have a long narrow kitchen? The narrow end is the perfect place to put in a little breakfast nook and to create a perfect seating area for your family.

If you have an older house, it might have some kind of nook already that is hard to use for cabinets or storage. This is a perfect space for a cozy breakfast nook. Put a table and a booth there, and you have created cozy and inviting space.

In a more contemporary home, with a wide open floor plan, a breakfast nook will help you define the space. It can help you separate the kitchen from the living area and give you a great casual place to have an evening meal. Your kids can also use it to do their homework while you are cooking dinner.

Some kitchens have a dining space, but it might be too tight for a table and chairs. Build a breakfast nook in that odd corner and you’ve got yourself a cool dining area. If you have a butler’s pantry and don’t need additional storage it provides, build a nook there. Install a bench for seating, and it’ll look like it has always been there.

Breakfast nooks provide perfect seating for weeknight meals, weekend brunches and for doing homework. A nook would look great in any house – traditional, modern or an older, classic home. Choose materials according to the style of your house and your personal taste; the possibilities are endless. Choose the colors and patterns for the bench cushions and pick a table, either custom-built or store-bought, that reflect your personal style.

View this link for visual inspiration for your new breakfast nook.

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