Add Extra Space Saving To Your Kitchen Cabinets

Add Extra Space Saving To Your Kitchen Cabinets

All kitchens are different, but we can probably bet that you have a beef with your kitchen cabinets. Whether you have three that get heavy use or have more at your disposal, it can be difficult to get the full advantage of storing your dishes and kitchen implements in them.

Often, cabinets are taller than they are wide, and may not have adequate shelving inside to hold all of the items you need to store in your kitchen. Thankfully, there are myriad ways to add more storage, and a little customization, to your existing kitchen cabinets. No renovation required.

Utilize the doors

One of the quickest and easiest ways to add a little storage to your cabinets is to make the doors do double duty by holding some of your most used items close at hand. A magnetic strip and some spice tins can make your spice cabinet a helping hand when you’re throwing together a stir fry and reach for the red pepper flakes, which are now right where you need them.

Add an inexpensive magazine rack to the front of one of your cabinets to make a convenient place to house awkwardly shaped boxes of aluminum foil, plastic wrap and parchment paper. Install another magazine rack to round up all of your stray recipes into one central location.

Add some tension

Tension rods have a few surprisingly helpful applications in the kitchen. Install one horizontally across your under sink cabinet to add a place to hang your squirt bottles up and out of the way. Put a few vertically into one of your deeper cabinets to give yourself instant columns for dividing storage for your cookie sheets and serving trays. Or have a some vertical partitions built-in.

Install extra shelves

While this might seem like an overly obvious solution, there are plenty of ways to add new shelving to your kitchen and improve the function of your kitchen cabinets. Shelves that install under existing shelves can give you an extra slot for your pans. Shallow shelving to spices and lazy susans can be added on top of your shelves to give you multiple tiers of storage.

Getting creative with adding cabinet storage doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive – and can give you a whole lot more use out of your kitchen’s pre-builts.

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