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Transform your House: Paint, Patio, and Pergola

If you’re getting tired of the look of your home in Santa Rosa, CA and wish you could upgrade but you don’t have the money to buy a new house? Consider these quick tips to transform your house. In only a couple of weeks, you could transform your house and transport yourself somewhere else!

Exterior Transformation

Transforming your house doesn’t have to be a months-long endeavor, where you displace your family and can’t comfortably use your house. Here are three ways you can simply transform your house from the outside:

  • Paint: Update your faded, peeling paint or give your house a pop of color that will draw everyone’s attention as they pass by or visit.
  • Patio (or Deck): Trade in your old patio or build your first and give yourself a new room to enjoy nature. A patio can be a great place to start and end your day with a fresh breeze and the sounds and colors of nature.
  • Pergola: A unique extension of your house, a pergola can be next to the house like a patio or deck or out in the yard. A pergola can act as a lovely decoration and escape.

Consider what you would like with your house: a new paint job can help your house stand out in your neighborhood or reinvigorate the life it has; a patio or deck can serve as a new event space for your family and friends, providing convenient opportunities to experience nature; while a pergola is a unique structure that sparks conversation and provides a comfortable space to talk, sit by a fire, cook, or read.

Tiny Tips

Besides the previously mentioned projects, there are also small things you can do to the outside of your house to decorate and transform it.

  • Lights can help visitors find your house at night and prevent burglary.
  • Shutters can serve to keep out the sunlight and heat or as mere decoration.
  • Art and décor can be planted in the yard or put on the walls to add a distinct flair.
  • Flowers, plants, and trees can be added with ease (and climbing plants are always interesting).

Time to Transform!

Now that you’ve got a spark of creativity and a list of options, it’s time to begin transforming your home! A professional contractor can take care of all these projects while adding invaluable suggestions and tips on how to execute them perfectly.

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