Hardwood Floors Santa Rosa, CA

Transform Your Home With Floors And Doors

You don’t always have to bust down walls, remove pipes, and fill the air with sawdust to take your home from old and tired to new. By changing your floors and doors you can completely change the initial look and feel of your home when guest walk in.

New Floors

Maybe you’re tired of your carpets collecting dirt and mud, it’s too much working cleaning the grout between your tiles, or your wood floors are too cold and noisy; whatever your reason for wanting new floors, there’s a better alternative that can improve your life. These non-traditional types of floors are all durable and serve as great alternatives:

  • Laminate: Natural look, moisture-resistant, and low-maintenance.
  • Cork: Sound-proof, insulating, and easy to clean.
  • Vinyl: Cost-effective, versatile styles, and environmentally-friendly.
  • Linoleum: Smooth, comfortable, and environmentally-friendly.

By changing the floors in your home, you have the opportunity to completely change its style since the floors act as the foundation on which to design and decorate. Consider consulting with an interior decorator to make the most of this opportunity.

New Doors

Your home’s doors are an often-overlooked aspect of design and contain a great opportunity to add a distinct flair. From a standard wood door with an eye-hole, you can only go up. There are many styles that include: stained-glass, sidelights, and improved locks; so, you can improve your home’s style and security all in one.

There are a few aspects to consider when door shopping:

  • Material: Wood, vinyl, steel, and fiberglass
  • Color and Style
  • Performance: Advanced weather-stripping, durable frames, electronic locks

Depending on which doors you’re considering replacing (entry, patio, garage) your design choices will likely change, but either way new doors will serve as a new pathway into your home and are often the focal point of passersby and visitors; so, don’t neglect them!

Time to Transform your Path

Guide your guests and family members into your house with stunning floors and breathtaking doors and they’ll feel like they’re at home – because they are! There is no aspect of your home that is undeserving of a transforming improvement!

Now that you know the possibilities and benefits of transforming your floors and doors, it’s time to put your creative mettle to the test! Contact your local Santa Rosa, CA contractor to begin your path to improving the pathways into and through your home; it’s an investment that everyone in your house can enjoy (even those that view your beautiful new doors from the outside).

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