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Remodeling Home With Kids And Pets In Mind

When you’re starting out in the designing phase of your remodeling project, one of the top priorities is to consider everyone who is currently living in the home. This is especially true if you have younger children and/or pets. Taking your little family members into consideration as they grow (or remain their small size in the case of pets!) may provide some significant influence on a few important remodeling decisions. In this article, we are going to discuss some ideas to take into consideration for your remodeling project.

Easy Kitchen Access

When it comes to our children we all want to teach them to be productive members of the home, not to mention teaching them the most basic life skills! This includes helping out with chores, and the kitchen is one of the top areas to begin in. With a kitchen remodeling project in mind, considering storing your pot and pan lids in a pullout cabinet. You may also consider storing dishes in a pegboard bottomed drawer that safely holds plates and bowls for quick and easy access. This will allow young children to not only help with putting clean dishes away but allows them to set the table during meal times.

Aside from considering young children, this remodeling option is great for those kitchens that don’t have a ton of wall cabinets or wall space. This is especially true for those kitchens that have a lot of windows. 

Feeding Station For Pets

When it comes to indoor pets, the kitchen is the typical feeding space. With good reason! The typical hard floor allows for easy cleanup of spills and it’s usually in close proximity to food and treat storage. Unfortunately for many of us, these food bowls are also often in the middle of a high-traffic area that can be stepped on or tripped over.

With this remodeling design idea, we can create a recessed area beneath a counter or cabinet that allows for a safe place for food and water bowls to not only rest when not in use, but keeps pets out of the way during feeding time, giving you the opportunity to continue socializing with your pets while not being forced to dodge them while they eat. 

Nooks And Niches

It’s no secret that both kids and pets love crawling into various nooks and niches. Pets alone thoroughly enjoy curling up in spaces to call their own, whether this is on their own beds or beneath a chair or table. Pets really enjoy having a spot to lounge and sleep in. Meanwhile, kids enjoy crawling into smaller spaces to hang out or play.

When remodeling, consider the creation of your very own nooks and niches. A nicely designated and out of the way space for your kids and pets to relax and enjoy themselves. Common pet nook areas – much like the kitchen option mentioned above – also include areas such as beneath a window seat. While for kids, a triangle shaped niche either in their room, a finished basement or a finished attic are great areas for them to relax in.

The best part of these ideas is once the kids are grown you have the option of adding a door and shelving units to create an additional storage space.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have kids, pets or both, when it comes to designing a remodel of your home, it can be a lot of fun to consider the smaller family members. The spaces you provide for them can be fun and useful for years to come. If you’re in the Santa Rosa area, give our experts right here at Gold Hammer Construction a call. Our designers will take a look at your space and discuss all of your ideas in detail while providing some space-saving solutions!

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