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Remodeling Your Home For An Open Concept

With 2019 in full swing and tax return dollars to spend, you may be reviewing how the entertaining portion of your year had gone. Could things have been better or ran more smoothly had this wall or that been moved or even gone? Are you looking for ideas on how to reshape your home for parties and social occasions? In this article, we are reviewing some ideas for creating the perfect space for optimal entertainment of friends and family.

Open Kitchens

Where does everyone convene during a holiday party? You guessed it: the kitchen. Many older homes are designed with small, tight spaces, especially kitchens! And many homeowners might not have the budget to take out walls to make more room. That’s where a good designer comes in.

A designer who has the eye and experience to utilize small spaces efficiently can help even the most snug of kitchens feel roomy and welcoming. For example, placing kitchen appliances on one side of the kitchen creates a natural place for food and dishware on the opposite counter. Meaning all the foot traffic won’t bother the chef.

Updating The Bathroom

Did you find yourself slightly embarrassed as guests used your outdated bathroom? Giving this area an updated design will help it feel more welcoming and comfortable in its use. There are numerous design options available when it comes to the bathroom. So speaking with an expert designer will help you learn what can be done!

Decks and Outdoor Spaces

To make more room, don’t forget outdoor or auxiliary spaces for your holiday gathering. Consider your decks as an overflow space for guests. For our wet winters, these spaces should be sheltered to protect guests from the weather. Many decks and patios incorporate drop-down canvases to make your outdoor space feel comfortable year-round.

These areas are great for providing more square footage while saving time and money on a full remodeling project indoors. Plus, everyone typically enjoys being outdoors. Providing a sheltered and comfortably dry space will make your home the go-to party place.

Opening Walls

Depending on where you are in life, you might be entertaining differently than you were a few years back, and moving the furniture around may not cut it anymore. While back in the day the cook brought out all the yummy appetizers and food to snack on, in today’s modern society guests are more likely to visit the kitchen themselves to not only grab a bite to eat but mingle and converse.

Which for some homes this means it’s going to take a bit more work to get a home opened up for a more relaxed living space along with more ease of traffic flow during a social gathering.

Think Smart

A thoughtfully designed space, no matter the square footage, will always trump endless square feet.  Sometimes all it takes to transform a space are minor arrangement tweaks or better storage. Pull-out cabinets make a great space-saving substitute for larger walk-in pantries, and many homes have a room that can be repurposed when company calls.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to optimizing your home for both everyday use and social gatherings there is always something that can be done! Whether it’s something as simple as moving furniture around or replacing previous storage areas with more modern options or something more in-depth like removing or adding walls, even relocating your kitchen appliances! Our team right here in the Santa Rosa area is here to help! Give us a call and our expert designers will assess your available space and provide you with an in-depth review of what can be done!

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