What to Consider When Having Built a Deck for an Above Ground Pool

What to Consider When Having Built a Deck for an Above Ground Pool

If you’re thinking about adding or remodeling a deck for your above ground pool, we’ve provided some useful information to serve as a helpful guide. Read on for important tips and things to consider.

What to Consider When Having Built a Deck for an Above Ground Pool


Your remodeling contractor will want to use pressure-treated wood or another material that is suited to be near water. Feel free to ask them about materials you desire and have concerns about to ensure you get what you want. You may want a certain color or overall appearance, be concerned about the safest material option, or want to choose the most environmentally-friendly option.

Permits and Building Codes

Unfortunately, building and remodeling is a little more complicated than building everything we dream up. Building codes put limits on what can be built on property in a certain area and permits may have to be obtained. Discuss your ideas with your remodeling contractor to find out early on whether your dream is achievable and feel free to inquire about permits to ensure they’re building your new deck, or remodeling it, safely and legally.

The Gap

Don’t be surprised when it’s finished and there’s a little space between the deck and the pool. It’s supposed to have about 1/2 gap when finished to give the wood room to expand. Your deck should not be attached to the pool itself. The deck should be freestanding and not fastened to the pool for support of any kind.

The Height

Deck heights will vary and can run as high as six feet above the ground. Discuss your needs and desires with your remodeling contractor regarding the height.

Guardrails And Stairs

Discuss options for ladders, stairs, and guard rails around your pool with your remodeling contractor. Having guardrails surrounding your pool is a good precaution to take and ensures the safety of your friends and family, and stairs provide an easy way to access your pool. It’s common for stairs to lead from the ground to the sun deck.

There are a lot of things to consider about a new deck for an above ground pool, from fun things like the way it looks to serious things like safety features. An experienced remodeling contractor is not only qualified to build the deck you want and need but can also provide advice. Feel free to make use of that additional benefit.


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