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Uncommon Lighting for Your Common Areas

Tired of the same old bathroom lights that don’t shed enough lumens for putting on your best face? Or maybe you prefer something adjustable that provides more comfort while soaking in a hot bubble bath. And you thought there was no alternative to lining the tub with messy candles while you try to create the right mood for washing away the worries from a long work day. Maybe you are simply looking for something to make your small bathroom appear larger. Either way, you don’t have to settle for blah, when you can have beauty.

What about that other common area – the kitchen? Do you have to deal with the glare from your quartz or granite countertops because the lighting is too bright? Who wants to squint the whole time they’re cooking up delicious fare for their family or guests? Maybe it’s time for a lighting do-over. You don’t have to recreate the entire bathroom or kitchen to enjoy these common areas of your home. No matter what design or style you have, the right illumination can make your experience in these spaces uncommonly enjoyable.

Set the Mood

A great bathroom isn’t just about shower tiles or matching wall décor. It’s about atmosphere and comfort, and the type of lighting you choose for it is an important part of that. After all, what good is a stylishly designed room if you can’t see it? You want your lighting to add personality and charm, as well as complement the aesthetic look you have so carefully created. Here are just a few choices that might match your design:

  • If you have chosen a minimalist design, and you’re trying to find just the right complement to it, consider understated lighting fixtures that extend from the ceiling, but neither hang from it (like pendant lights) nor hover closely to it (like flush mount lights). This will keep the lighting effect soft and subtle, while still providing ample shine.
  • If you have a wooden vanity in your bathroom, adjustable wall sconces or LED light fixtures are just the ticket for soft illumination while applying your favorite shades or relaxing in a luxurious bath. If they are adjustable, they can be turned to make the room more bright or cool, depending on your needs. From art deco to nautical to traditional designs, wall sconce lighting is easily matched to make your bathroom either cheery or charming.
  • Recessed lighting fixtures are beneficial for making a room feel and look bigger because they take up less visual space, and they cast more light around the room. They come in an array of colors, and you can match them to virtually any décor.

Light up Your Kitchen Experience

  • With kitchen islands becoming so popular, pendant lights are also a popular design choice, but they are just as functional over a table as well. These lights give your kitchen a flare that both your family and guests will appreciate. Pendants come in a variety of heights and styles, and can be attractive and functional in larger, open spaces or smaller, intimate ones. They are a more expensive option, but if you have the budget for it, you will likely not be disappointed with what you get.
  • Under cabinet lights are a great choice for kitchens with glossy perimeter countertops like quartz, or granite. They are soft enough to keep counters from emitting a glare when you are cooking, but they add depth to the room as well. You can choose from hard-wired, plug-in, or battery-operated under cabinet lighting. For larger spaces, you might want to install those that come in a rectangular bar shape, as they shed light over more area than the small, round variety. You also have a choice of the type of bulb you use in them between LED, incandescent, or halogen.
  • If your kitchen has a low ceiling, flush or semi-flush light fixtures would be a good choice for you. While semi-flush lights have a small space between the canopy and the shade, flush mounts sit directly on the ceiling. They offer more general, ambient lighting, and they come in many different shapes. Whether you have a penchant for geometric shapes or like a more smooth, rounded style, you should have no trouble finding a flush mount that complements your kitchen’s design. Semi-flush mounts are usually more decorative than flush. Drum shades or bowl shapes offer a sophistication similar to pendant lights, but they take up less space.

Not So Common

If a full remodel is not in the cards for you, then creating the look and functionality you desire could be easier than you think. Making the right lighting choice for your common areas is all about deciding what you want to accomplish with their addition. With a little careful consideration, you can make your space a not so common area after all.

Each type of lighting mentioned here is generally cost efficient and easy to install. For safe and professional installation of any of these lighting choices, be sure to contact your local Santa Rosa, CA general contractor.

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