Tips for Choosing Color for Home Exteriors

Tips for Choosing Color for Home Exteriors

Thinking the exterior of your home needs a new look? Here are some exciting ideas to help you decide what you most want.

Tips for Choosing Color for Home Exteriors

Use two accent hues

Many people think of only two colors when considering exterior paints, but three colors,one base and two accent, is a popular concept for adding visual interest.

A gorgeous new trend for home exteriors is to pick two hues in varying brightness for accent. For example, if you have a white house you could paint your shutters a lavender gray and have a turquoise front door. Both colors have the same undertones but the brighter turquoise directs the eye to your entrance.

Explore stained wood

You don’t have to just use paint, you can use stain as a color scheme if you have wood on your home exterior. Use stained wood to add warmth to steel and gray tones. You can also use stained wood for accents to add a classical feel (like light oak stained shutters on a white house).

Choose Subtle Color

Want to add color to your home but afraid you’ll over do it? You can go in-between with a subtle color like a very pale lavender, pink, or blue or a gray green, blue, or purple. The eye will discern the color without being overwhelming.

Choose color in contrast to your landscape

When deciding what colors to use on your home exterior, look to your surroundings. If you have a very green yard, try using red tones on your home. If you don’t have much greenery, then try working in green and natural colors to mimic plant life.

Build color around what won’t change

If you aren’t planning on getting a new roof or changing all the light fixtures outside your home, then the color you choose needs to work with those existing details. Any masonry that you already have (and don’t plan to change) needs to complement the paint color that you choose. If you start by narrowing down your color choices based on what you already have, then you won’t be disappointed when what you choose doesn’t look good with what is already there.

Remember you can always ask your licensed contractor for advice.


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