Space-Saving - Build Between the Studs

Space-Saving – Build Between the Studs

If you have a blank wall built of studs and drywall, it doesn’t have to be blank any more. There are several options for building some great between-the-studs features. Basically, you can add shelves and cabinets anywhere you need them. Because they’re built between the studs, the cabinet or shelf will be recessed to give a great, sleek look and to not take up any unnecessary space by protruding into the room.

Granted, the shelves will not be too deep, but that’s ok! There are still so many possibilities. Let’s go room by room with some ideas.

Kitchen Shelves

The kitchen is a great place for between-the-studs building. You can create pantry shelves or a small storage cabinet for dishes. One of the coolest examples we’ve seen is a recessed pantry with sliding barn doors to cover it. Amazing! You can build a half wall recessed display niche, spice rack or even a wine or bar cabinet.

Mud Room Shelves

Take advantage of all that wall space to build recessed cabinets or drawers for lots of storage, and wall hooks to hang coats. Build low benches for sitting or storage.

Family Room Shelves

Build an art niche or display cabinets, and you can always build lots of drawers for storage.

Bedroom Shelves

The bedroom is a great place to maximize between-the-studs storage with shelving, cabinets and storage drawers. Think about making a shelf for all those stuffed animals, toys, cosmetics, or pieces of jewelry!

Bathroom Shelves

Bathrooms usually don’t have a lot of extra floor space for furniture pieces, so why not build the furniture into your wall! A between-the-studs cabinet is a great place for towel storage or as a medicine cabinet. We saw a great example of a floor-length mirror that served double duty as the door to a great storage shelf. It was awesome!

Garage Shelves

The garage is a great place to maximize your between-the-studs cabinetry and shelving wherever you can. Granted the shelves will be narrow, but it is a great place to store all of those smaller items that end up cluttering your garage. Also think about creating wall hooks for hanging all those tools.

Discuss your needs and preferences with the construction company you choose to do the work so they can create the built-in solutions you’ll most enjoy.


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