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Simple Feng Shui for Your Remodeling Project

Feng shui is the art of harnessing the light and energy in your home construction or remodel project to ensure that your project remains bright and positive – things anyone would want in any aspect of their home. Feng shui masters that map out of a home and plan every detail for exact “energy” flows can cost up to $10,000 an hour, yet this is considered a necessary housing expense in luxury Chinese home construction. You can incorporate feng shui into some areas of your home, including a new construction project, for significantly less just by paying attention to what feels natural and keeps a space uncluttered. Here are a few simple ways to bring feng shui principles to specific rooms.

Work the Elements Into Your Home Office
Feng shui principles believe that adding certain elements to a workspace can encourage certain behaviors. A fire element, something red or a warm lamp or candle, can add to productivity. Metals, or something with metallic colors, specifically placed in one section of your office, will encourage prosperity. Communication can be enhanced by a water-like element such as a fishbowl or anything made of glass. Image websites are full of ideas and diagrams for offices large and small.

Have a Carefully Laid Out Bedroom
Feng shui bedrooms often focus on the position of an individual’s bed, first and foremost. While most feng shui focuses on compass directions, bed placement actually depends on where the room’s doorway is located. Being able to see the doorway as much as possible will give you more restful sleep, and in fact not being able to has been shown to cause slight subconscious stress. If you can’t move your bed to face the doorway, try to place a large mirror to view the door. Another important facet of a feng shui bedroom is tranquility and that means no clutter. Keep things tucked into boxes and stowed instead of stacked around the room.

Use Natural Light in Your Bathroom
Luxury hotels may not realize it but they’re using a form of feng shui in their bathrooms, trying to create the most natural light possible or mirrors with golden tones that create a positive feeling. Think about the light in your bathroom. Is it more fluorescent, and bluish? If you’re remodeling a bathroom, consider incorporating some feng shui principles that will make it lighter, brighter and more spa-like.

While you, your architect and your construction team can easily incorporate some minor feng shui principles during your construction or remodel, you can also have a certified consultant from the International Feng Shui Guild look over your plans.  By just following these simple steps, feng shui principles can be applied to any area of your home and new remodeling projects leading to greater success and tranquility.

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