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Remodeling? Think About Lighting Changes

Over the years, lighting has evolved beyond the traditional simple light bulbs and lamps. From abstract to decadent to minimalistic, there is a vast range of modern lighting options available for residential homes.

A lighting setup can determine the aesthetic of a room, so it’s important to put thought into which options you choose to go with. Are you going for more of a cozy setting? Do you want visitors to feel welcome once they arrive in your home? Is it important to you for a room to make you feel vibrant? Invoke these emotions with lighting!

Not only can lighting create emotion and change moods, but it can also help to maximize the use of a space. Whether you just moved into a new house or you’ve been neglecting your lighting setup for years, here are a few options to consider when picking the ideal lighting that suits your home. 

  1. Artistically Abstract

If you’re looking for a unique set up for your home, possibly even one-of-a-kind, going the artistic lighting route is your best bet. The options are endless and will always be a conversation starter. Great for the daring, utilizing hanging globe lighting is a great versatile option to have dangling from your ceiling. From coral pendant lighting to abstract geometric shapes, it will feel like having art floating from above your head!

  1. Classically Decadent

An ideal option for the more reserved homeowner, you can never go wrong with classic lighting. Creating a sense of timeless decor, chandeliers are a perfect lighting option to go with to bring just the right amount of decadence to your home without overdoing it (if that’s even possible). You can up the extravagantness with a beautiful crystal installment or a waterfall of LED lights; either choice will add beauty and refinement to your home.

  1. Modernly Minimalistic

Minimalism does not have to mean boring and neither does the usage of LED lights. For a simple but standout design, minimalistic lighting is an excellent choice for your home. The not-so-obvious false ceiling lights are great to outline and illuminate a room without being too distracting. Not to mention, adding stacked display light fixtures to a wall will help exhibit your items and create a modest design.

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