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Pros and Cons of an Open Design Concept Home

If you’re considering remodeling your home, one of the first things you’ll have to do – before choosing furniture, a color scheme, or decorative elements – is to decide on your floor plan. It’s important to have an idea of what you want your home to look like overall before you begin working on the specifics, to make sure that your remodel is guided by a central principle. For many homeowners, this principle is “open design”, a concept that is extremely popular in many modern homes. But what exactly is “open design”, and what are the pros and cons of choosing this layout for your home remodel?

What is an “open design home”?

Open design is an architectural concept that aims to increase your home’s feeling of space in any way that you can. Of course, every home has a limited amount of square footage that will not change through a simple remodel; however, what you can change is the overall feeling of space in your home. This can be done by using light colors, large windows, and rooms that flow into each other instead of being separated by walls and doors. Many times, remodeling to create an open design home involves tearing down a wall to merge two spaces more smoothly.

What are the pros?

The main benefit to having an open design home is the feeling of space, light, and air that comes with the new floor plan. Having an open design concept for your home can help you feel less closed-in and more comfortable in your new, modern space. Furthermore, if you enjoy entertaining, you can impress visitors with the modern, airy look of your newly-remodeled home.

What are the cons?

Creating an open design floor plan can be difficult and costly; because it involves altering not just the surfaces of your home (such as countertops and bathroom fixtures), but requires that you change the very structure of the house (its walls and doorways), this type of remodel is a very involved process that takes a significant amount of planning, time, energy, and money. You have to make sure that the alterations you make will not affect the structural integrity of the house, as well as have an overall vision of what you want the space to look like in the end.

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