Planning to Install a Porch? Here’s What You Should Consider

Planning to Install a Porch? Here’s What You Should Consider

Having a porch or deck is a dream for many homeowners. When you picture having an area where you can entertain guests or sit and enjoy a sunset, it’s clear that adding this feature offers immediate benefits as well as longer-term value to your home. But if you’ve decided that you want to have a professional install a porch or deck for you, there are several things you should consider:

1. Make sure you know the procedure for installation.

Not all cities allow you to add a porch or deck on a whim – in many places, the professional that will be installing your porch will need to submit your building plans for approval to the city zoning board, who will make sure that they meet the town code and let you know whether there is anything to be changed or not. Check with your city’s laws and regulations to make sure that you are following the correct procedure.

2. Know what porch or deck you are going to get.

Think about how large you want it to be, what design you would like to follow, and what kind of wood you want to construct it with. You can make these decisions yourself or hire someone to design a porch for you, but ultimately you should know what is going on with the building process and be ready to make changes if necessary.

3. Hire the right professional.

Start by looking through websites that list landscape designers and architects for local professionals in your area, then narrow down the list based on your price range and their availability. You should also ask friends and neighbors for their recommendations, as chances are they will give you the most accurate information on where to get a good porch or deck. Then have the top few choices come to your home and give you their ideas before you make a decision.

4. Know if they installed it correctly.

Make sure you know the signs of a quality installation job that you need to look for – is the porch built to your specifications and in a timely manner? Does it seem solidly built (looks straight and aligned, doesn’t creak or squeak, doesn’t sag anywhere, etc.)? Does it hold up after a big storm? If you experience problems with any of these areas, contact the person you hired to arrange the next steps to take.

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