Perfect Pool House Depends Upon Preferred Usage

Perfect Pool House Depends Upon Preferred Usage

Your pool represents a substantial investment in your home, and the addition of a pool house is the next step for increasing your home’s value and enhancing the enjoyment derived by yourself, your family and your guests. The question is: What type of pool house do you desire?

Three perfect reasons to build

There are three primary usages of pool houses, and you can’t go wrong with any one of the choices, or with any combination of all three. Design and function is entirely up to you, how much buildable space is available, and, of course, how much you wish to spend.

First: Build a pool house for storing pool supplies and accessories. This is the simplest and least expensive option, but one that ensures needed supplies and accessories are out of sight of your guests yet close at hand and near your pool.

Build a pool house that caters to the convenience of those enjoying your pool. This can be as simple as providing an area that offers an enclosed changing room, bathroom and shower. Not only will this decrease traffic by wet swimmers in and out of your house, it will make your guest feel more comfortable and more at home. Adding an additional area for those pool supplies and accessories to be neatly stored makes this option a sure winner.

Build a pool house that allows for the entertaining of family and guests. The sky’s the limit with this option. How about a pool house with an an outdoor kitchen, barbecue, and wet bar, along with comfortable seating? How about adding an entertainment system complete with television, wi-fi and a music system? In and of itself this option is grand, but by adding the other two options, which take care of storage and convenience considerations, is like hitting the trifecta of pool house design and function.

To do, or not to do it yourself

While the brave at heart may consider undertaking this project themselves, the more involved the design and the more usages desired will surely necessitate conforming to existing zoning requirements and the likelihood of needing a building permit. So your best bet is in contracting a custom builder who will ensure not only conformity with required regulations, but who will also build a pool house your guests will appreciate and one sure to enhance your home’s value and prestige.

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