Hidden Storage Inspiration for Your Next Remodel

Hidden Storage Inspiration for Your Next Remodel

Storage. Can anyone ever have enough? If you need more storage space in your home, but do not have a lot of room, check out some of these great hidden storage ideas that will not make you sacrifice your space.

Hidden Storage Inspiration for Your Next Remodel

Coffee Station

If you are one of the multitude of people who cannot get through the morning without a good cup of Joe, you know that even the smallest of coffee makers can take up a lot of room on a countertop. The perfect solution for that issue is to have a “hidden” coffee station in your kitchen. In a kitchen cabinet or in a small corner that would otherwise be wasted space, have a contractor build a dedicated nook that fits your coffee maker and all its accoutrements. You an also do the same thing with alcoholic beverages.

The Closet Under the Stairs

The area under the stairs is often nothing more than wasted space. But, it is easy to use that space to your advantage by turning it into a closet, bookshelf, or desk. If the staircase is open, a contractor can simply add in the shelving, rods, etc. to adapt the space to your desired use. If it is enclosed, they can open the space up or install drawers.

Slide-out Pantry

If you have wasted space between your refrigerator and the wall, consider filling the space with a thin slide-out pantry for storing condiment bottles, cans and other small items. The pantry easily rolls out when you need it and slides back in when you don’t. Plus, you can use the newly found space in your counters for other items.

A Place for Your Keys

The days of searching for your keys can be long gone with this unique storage solution. By creating a hidden storage space where everyone’s keys can go will not only ensure keys can always be found, but it will keep them from getting stolen, too. Have a nook built-in to your entryway, kitchen, or living room to hold your keys, purse, or mail.

The Hidden Hose

Most homeowners can agree that finding a place to store the garden hose is frustrating. But, letting it lay all over the yard and patio is not a viable solution. A better way to fix this situation is to create a hose storage container that doubles as a planter. So, not only is your hose safely tucked out of the way, but you also get to enjoy looking at some beautiful flowers as well.

If you need help coming up with creative hidden storage solutions for your home, contact Goldhammer Construction today. We can help you make your home a better place.

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