Green Thumbs? Why Not A Greenhouse!

Green Thumbs? Why Not A Greenhouse!

If you are someone who enjoys gardening, then there are many reasons why a greenhouse could be a wonderful addition to your home.  Not sure how badly you need one?  Read on to find out more!

 How Does a Greenhouse Work?

Let’s start at the beginning. Among the list of things plants need to grow, two key items are light and warmth (how much warmth depends on the specific plant.) Although your climate will vary depending on where you live, chances are that the addition of a greenhouse will extend the number of months that you can provide the light and heat your plants need, as well as broaden the variety of plants that you can grow. Thanks to the clear roof and walls of a greenhouse, the number of hours of available sunlight is maximized and trapping the heat that has entered increases the overall temperature.

 From Seedlings to Exotic Plants

Depending on your preference, your greenhouse may serve different functions. For some, they provide a way to grow seedlings inexpensively, rather than purchasing. The controlled conditions that can be created in a greenhouse provide an excellent environment for starting plants from seed. Perhaps you are interested in extending your growing season into the fall, which outdoor conditions wouldn’t typically allow once frosts start to arrive: many plants and vegetables grow wonderfully in a greenhouse even during winter months. Or maybe you are fan of cacti or other exotic plants that aren’t successful in your climate – the added temperatures a greenhouse can create will allow you to broaden your gardening horizons.

 Greenhouse Materials

When it comes to greenhouses, there are many options to consider. One key consideration is the material that will cover the frame.Glass and plastic are the two most popular materials. Glass has the benefit of providing maximum light clarity and generally more longevity, although it can be at risk of breakage, even with stronger tempered glass. Plastic on the other hand is cheaper, robust but for a shorter period of time, and offers a more diffused light (which may be more beneficial depending on your specific needs.) Fiberglass greenhouses offer a third option.

 More Reasons to Consider a Greenhouse

Aside from the specific gardening reasons already mentioned, a greenhouse can add so much more to your life. A greenhouse offers a place of calm where you can engross yourself in your gardening hobby, with the added benefit of absorbing some Vitamin D while you’re at it! It may allow you to provide organic, home-grown food to feed your family, and may even offer you a business opportunity to sell your crops to friends or even a local farmer’s market. Whatever your needs, there is a greenhouse option that suits you – just be sure to think carefully about your personal goals so you can pick the right solution for you.


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