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Four Ways To Avoid Boring Walls

Classic white walls can be elegant. They can also give you an open canvas where you can add any wall décor items you like. If your white walls are beginning to seem boring, though, you may want to consider a different type of interior walls. Any of these four styles that can give your room a totally different look.

1. Wood-clad walls with shiplap joints

A wall with wooden cladding gives a natural, relaxed feel to your room. One of the most popular styles these days uses shiplap joints. These joints lock together and seal the boards that attach flush with each other, although they may be milled slightly on the top edge to create a shadow effect. Depending on the materials you choose, shiplap wood walls can appear rustic or refined.

2. Cork walls

Would you like a wall covering that doubles as a push-pin board? A cork wall not only has practical uses, but it also gives a distinctive impression. It reduces noise, too. You can use sheets of cork, of course, but that might not relieve your boredom much. For a more interesting look, you can choose cork that is cut into bricks or geometric designs and fitted together on the wall.

3. Fabric wall coverings

Fabric wallcoverings are usually touted as a cheap way of temporarily changing the look of a room. If you want the effect to last longer, talk to your contractor to find out the best materials and methods available. By choosing fabric, you can add intricate designs or interesting textures to improve the visual effect of your walls.

4. Decorate your own walls whenever you like

Maybe you’re more easily bored than most people. If you thrive on change, you can have walls that allow you to write, draw, and color on them. Paint your walls with dry erase paint and create colorful pictures using dry erase markers. Or, you can use chalkboard paint or chalkboard wallpaper on your children’s walls and give them some space to write, draw, and learn freely.

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