Everything You Need To Know About Stained Concrete

Everything You Need To Know About Stained Concrete

Stained concrete is a beautiful finish and customers love the flexibility and ease of a solid flooring option. To help you decide if stained concrete is right for you, we compiled a reference sheet that addresses common questions.

Everything You Need To Know About Stained Concrete

Does the concrete have to be new?

The answer to this is yes and no. While new concrete needs to cure for a proper stain to take, generally 28 to 60 days, it’s favored for staining.

This isn’t to say that old concrete can’t be stained. When working on older concrete, most of the work is prep work. If the slab was under carpet or another flooring, it might not be level, or it may have oil spots or other spills that would interfere with the absorption of the stain. Your contractor can work with you to inspect your old concrete and decide what prep work it would need in order to achieve the finish that you want.

What type of care does it need?

Most stained concrete floors can be cleaned with regular dust-mopping and a wet mop with a non-abrasive, ph-neutral cleaner. Stained concrete can be waxed to maintain a shine, but be careful to use a wax that won’t cause slip and fall hazards or interfere with the sealant on the concrete. Stains are an issue with interior concrete, but can be scrubbed with a nylon bristle brush. You should have your floor re-sealed regularly to minimize this risk.

What are my color options?

Acid stained concrete typically comes in a limited range of 8-10 earth tones that can be mixed for a custom shade.

How long does it last?

With proper care, stained concrete can last a lifetime.

What does installation involve?

If it’s an outdoorhttp://goldhammerconstruction.com/design/design-ideas-outdoor-space/ slab, the concrete will be cleaned and stained. If it’s indoors, the slab will be cleaned, baseboards removed, and surrounding walls covered to protect your paint. The stain will then be applied. After the stain is neutralized and dried, typically 24 hours, a sealer completes the process. Once your sealant is cured, the floor is safe to walk on.

We hope this has answered your questions about stained concrete and whether it’s the right flooring option for you. To schedule a consult with one of our skilled contractors to explore your options, please visit our website.

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