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Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Now that summer has finally arrived, the whole family is home most of the time, and outdoor holidays abound, it’s time to bust out the grill! But where exactly should you put the grill? And should you consider building a permanent location for your grill, or even an entire outdoor kitchen? Or do you just want a better outdoor space in which to enjoy your meals? Here are a few tips and ideas for when you want to spend your lazy summer days barbecuing away, to make your outdoor entertaining experience the best it has ever been.

Durability and Accessibility

If you’re looking to plan an entire outdoor kitchen to expand your hosting and entertaining space, you’ll need to really consider the durability of the materials you will be using. Your outdoor kitchen will be exposed to the elements, and so you need to search for the most durable options available for outdoor construction. You will also want to think about maintenance as well; low-maintenance materials would be ideal for an outdoor project. Also consider how your outdoor kitchen will factor in when you are planning a special gathering or hosting a small event. It’s important to ensure that you have an easy traffic flow between your indoor and outdoor kitchen. Make sure that you plan for a large sliding door, or possibly even two doors, to help ease the flow of traffic.

Maximize Space

Particularly if you are aiming to host a lot of parties at your home, think about your patio space. Sometimes people say that “bigger isn’t always better;” except, in this case, it is better. You’ll want to ensure that you have enough space for all your furniture, your guests, and enough room for them to all maneuver around each other without anyone getting hurt. Aesthetically speaking, the eye will pause whenever there is a break in a surface, such as gravel, stairs, or grass. Having one large, connected surface will make your deck appear even bigger. Having a large patio would make an ideal site to host larger parties as well.

Minimalize Furniture and Decorations

Sometimes, having less really is more. Just because you have a large space now, doesn’t mean that you need to fill it with furniture. That will make your space feel cluttered and claustrophobic, not to mention, that will create a great many tripping hazards. Consider incorporating seating into a low framing wall on the perimeter of your patio, like this one. This creates additional seating for you and your family, or friends, to enjoy, without taking up extra space. You could even turn that built-in seating into small compartments for storing cushions, yard tools, or toys.

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