Creating More Storage Space With Floating Shelves

Creating More Storage Space With Floating Shelves

We all wish that we had more storage space in our homes. It seems that closets, kitchens and bathrooms are just never big enough. However, a trend in modern interior design could help you to actually manufacture more space in your home without buying a new home or even adding a new addition. That trend is the concept of floating shelves.

What Are Floating Shelves?

OK, while it may not technically give you more space, it will create so much extra room and storage area that it will seem as though your home has gotten bigger. Floating shelves are one of the most practically innovative trends modern design has seen in quite some time. While the idea itself is not entirely new, it has just recently started to take hold in the mainstream consciousness.

Benefits Of Floating Shelves

In addition to the practicality of increased storage space, these floating shelves do even have additional benefits. Unlike many solutions that are practical, these shelves can be very aesthetically pleasing. When built, placed and installed properly, floating shelves can actually add a new level of flare and creativity to the look of your home. They can improve the overall look of the room– especially in the kitchen and bathroom– and give your home a more modern, DIY look that will impress friends and neighbors.


One of the most important benefits of floating shelves is their versatility. They can literally be placed just about anywhere. In fact, finding new and creative places to put your new shelving is half the fun. Of course they are most commonly placed in the usual spaces for shelves, along the walls and above the counter. However, they can also be placed on the side of the wall, on the outside of your pantry or even on the inside of cabinet doors. This last placement is one of the most productive, as it can create a much more organized and seemingly spacious cabinet or pantry.

More great places for new floating shelves include:

  • In the middle of the backsplash in your kitchen
  • On top of the backsplash if you do not already have cabinets there
  • In the middle of a painted wall
  • In any narrow corner or wall area
  • In pairs, above the countertop
  • Directly underneath your upper cabinets
  • On top of your cabinets
  • On the wall, above a low freestanding cabinets

Play around with ideas. Examine where the areas are in your home that seem most cluttered or cause the most frustration. Consult the contractor you speak to about the work on your best options.

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