Cool Updates for Your Ceiling

Cool Updates for Your Ceiling

When was the last time you noticed your ceiling? Chances are, it has been a long time. Since ceilings are always over our heads, it is easy to forget about them, and over time, they can become drab. If your ceiling needs a face-lift, check out some of these great updated ideas.

Cool Updates for Your Ceiling


Paint is a magical substance. It is inexpensive and provides a great update to any room. Think about how a new coat of paint can cheer up your walls. It can do the same for your ceilings as well. If you need to expand the space of a room, try having your ceiling painted a lighter color. If you need to add warmth to the space, go with a darker hue.

Tin Tiles

Tin tiles provide a great update for any ceiling. They are ideal for hiding damage while providing visual interest with a vintage look. The cost of tin tiles can vary depending on the size and finish of them. It should be noted, if you purchase unfinished tiles, they must be finished before installation to prevent rusting.

Tiles or Planks

Tiles and planks can add a touch of style to your ceiling. These options are also great for hiding damage and unsightly popcorn ceiling tiles. Tiles can be square or rectangular and are often made of PVC vinyl, laminate or mineral fiber. You have many options when you chose to update your ceiling with either tiles or planks. Planks come in many different patterns that can suit any taste or decor. Planks come in a variety of looks that mimic wood or beadboard.

Ceiling Medallion

If you want a bright update to a ceiling that is not time-consuming, then you should consider installing a ceiling medallion. Adding a lightweight plaster roundel is an excellent way to add visual interest to an otherwise boring ceiling. Rondels come in various shapes and sizes. So, you do not need to stick with just one. You can add two or three to your ceiling to make a unique look that will make your ceiling stand out. They are the perfect option for drawing attention to chandeliers and light fixtures as well as to enhance mouldings or columns.

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