What to Consider to Bring your Dream Pergola to Life

What to Consider to Bring your Dream Pergola to Life

You may have often seen a pergola without ever realizing that what you were looking at was actually called a pergola. A pergola is an open-slat roof/transitional room from your indoor space to your outdoor space, designed to be an outdoor room. Typically, the “roof” will be slatted and open, and the side will either be completely open or draped in fabrics or different materials. It may even be closed off on one side, or multiple sides, or there may be vines growing through your open-air roof. The possibilities and combinations are endless. Just search Google or Pinterest for pergola inspirations, and you will find hundreds of thousands of choices. But before you go crazy at the home improvement store, here are a few things to consider.

Maintenance of Your Pergola

As with anything you end up building in your yard, this will require some upkeep. Depending on where you live, it may require a great deal of upkeep. So do your research about different construction materials, particularly looking for those that will hold up well in your region. After all, you probably won’t use the same wood and finishing treatments on a pergola in Hawaii as you would in Arizona as the two climates are vastly different, and require far different materials. And consider how much work they will require, whether it be fresh paint in the spring, gardening and caring for plants, or special preparations should the weather turn bad. Do you have time for what your little paradise will need?

Budgeting for Your Pergola

Depending on what you’re looking for, renovating an outdoor space and turning it into a beautiful pergola can be fairly expensive. Will you add a hot tub? Do you want a stone fireplace or hanging chairs, or maybe a complete outdoor kitchen would fit snugly under the pergola roof? It could be the perfect setting to entertain friends on warm nights. But whatever you decide your needs are, make sure you understand the cost of materials, as well as labor. Consider and/or discuss with your contractor the additional costs of different aspects of your pergola, fireplaces, roof materials, and such to make the best decision for your home. The average cost of a pergola is between $2000, and $5,000, so plan and budget carefully and accordingly. Shop around for materials and contractors to make sure that you get the best deal and make your dream paradise a reality.

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