Sausalito Pool Beach Entry

Building on the Aquatic Beauty of the Sausalito Floating Homes

The opportunity to take a tour of the historic Sausalito Floating Homes only comes once annually, and occurs this year on September 24, with ticket proceeds partially benefiting several local non-profit groups. The opportunity to see these amazing and somewhat whimsical abodes may leave you with the desire to find more ways to incorporate water elements into your landlocked home. Water features are no longer limited to a single, gurgling fountain in the foyer or garden. Instead, they have evolved on par with luxury construction standards to provide beautiful ways to integrate water flawlessly into your home’s ambiance. These are just a few ways to bring the tranquil vibe of Richardson Bay’s floating homes into your own.

Consider a Rain Curtain
At some point, we’ve all been exposed to a fountain that produced overly loud sloshing and babbling sounds that weren’t particularly relaxing at all. A rain curtain, on the other hand, drops water from ceiling height into a still pool, creating a quiet, peaceful centerpiece or room divider. It can make a striking statement along a staircase or between balconies that will showcase the height of the curtain. Discuss the idea of a rain curtain with your architect and licensed contractor first to ensure that measurements will align flawlessly, which will avoid problems with leakage and dripping.

There’s no Reason You Can’t Have a River or Pond Indoors
While you may not be able to live in a floating home, designing a new home or remodeling project provides you with an incredible amount of freedom to consider some uncommon ideas. While homes containing small decorative pools are nothing new, some architects are taking on the entire challenge of including a small river winding through a house. Entryways, in particular, are ideal locations for large, tranquil pools that blend the lines of a home’s interior and the natural world beyond the front door.

You May Want a Beach Entry Pool
If you’d like your luxury construction to have a pool, but don’t want it to resemble the cement kidney-shaped pools of the 1960’s or impersonalized vanishing edge pools that are becoming too commonplace, you might find a beach entry pool appealing. The entrances to these pools slope naturally and are covered in natural materials like sand or stone to make it appear less unnatural and more inviting, and can still be combined with a vanishing edge. Consider shades of stone that may complement those found naturally on the beaches of Marin County.

There are several ways to include water in the beautification and building of your new home or remodeling project. Talk to your construction team about including one of them in your designs, and enjoy some local inspiration at the Sausalito Floating Homes Tour.

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